See Bishop Fabbro’s attached letter to Faithful Regarding Support to Health Care Professionals, and note below for parishioners to contact their MPP on the passing of Bill C-7 access to euthanasia and assisted suicide. Now that Parliament has passed Bill C-7 access to euthanasia and assisted suicide has been expanded to the disabled, those with mental illness and those who have an advanced directive. Consequently, there is a pressing need for legislation in the province of Ontario to protect the conscience rights of healthcare providers. Such legislation is in place in other provinces in Canada but not in Ontario. Many Canadians are alarmed at the implications that Bill C-7 will have for our country. Healthcare providers, of different religions and of no religion, are seriously questioning how they will practise in this new environment without legislation that protects conscience. The Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario supports the Ontario Conscience Rights Campaign. The campaign goal is to show the government that it will be supported by the public if such legislation is passed. It is important that we demonstrate our support during the month of March. I ask you to make the included letter from me available to your parishioners. Please encourage them to participate in the campaign by contacting their MPP. By visiting they can send an email directly to the Ontario government and learn more about this critically important issue. Thank you for your efforts to support this campaign and for your ministry to the people of our diocese. Fraternally yours in Christ, Bishop Fabbro